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Professional Development for Mediators, Lawyers and HR Professionals


NATIONWIDE WORKSHOP,  2 and 3 June 2022

Virtual workshop:

EARLY BIRD book by 6th May: $1200

Standard price from 7th May: $1300

Discount available for members of Resolution Institute (please check Pulse newsletter)

Facilitated by Elizabeth Rosa from Sydney, by Zoom 

9.00 to 5.00 pm both days​ - Open to participants from Australia and New Zealand


Conducting a workplace mediation is a fine art, blending the dispute resolution model with high level listening skills and the ability to manage a range of personalities and behaviours. The workplace mediation involves staff members articulating their expectations of each other in order to re-build a functioning workplace relationship and reduce the incidence of stress and heightened emotion.

In this workshop, we look in detail how to run a workplace mediation from the time of referral from the employer to the final agreement. We also look at the underlying factors that mediators work with in this area: organisational structure and methods of communication, human psychology and behaviour and how conversation can be directed to a constructive purpose.

The workshop is facilitated by Elizabeth Rosa, Nationally Accredited Mediator and Principal of Resolve at Work.



  • Mediators practicing in the area of workplace conflict resolution and mediations

  • Emerging mediators who wish to practice in the area of workplace conflict resolution and mediations

  • Managers and HR professionals who wish to learn more about workplace conflict resolution and how mediation works



Day 1


The underlying factors involved in workplace mediations:

  • Organisational structure and methods of communication

  • Human psychology and behaviour

  • How conversation can be directed to a constructive purpose

  • Common themes in mediations

  • This will include a talk by a mediator who consults in organisational issues.

How to run a workplace mediation:

  • Why mediation is a constructive solution for workplace conflict

  • How to manage the expectations of the referring organisation

  • The agreement as to confidentiality

  • How to make the most of pre-mediation sessions

  • How to assess suitability for mediation

  • How to prepare the parties for a mediation

  • How to conduct the mediation including setting the agenda, the format of the joint and private sessions and facilitating the parties to explore options for an agreement

  • How to encourage the organisation to be involved in helping the parties keep their agreements in the future

Day 2


Demonstration of skills:

A demonstration of a hypothetical mediation by Elizabeth Rosa

  • Elizabeth asking questions in intake sessions with both parties

  • The mediation: introduction and ground rules, first joint session, private session and final joint session

Practice of skills:

  • In groups, the participants practice intake sessions and consider the agenda and preparation for a hypothetical mediation (mediator coaches will assist with this)

  • Full group discussion as to:

  • Issues in the intake session including how to appropriately question the participant, to assess suitability for mediation and how to manage participants with high emotions

  • How best to prepare for the mediation, including considering the agenda and how to manage possible emotion in the mediation

  • This will include a talk by a mediator on a psychological aspect of mediation


Reflection on the mediator:

  • The necessary strengths and skills of the mediator

  • What mediators bring to mediations

  • How to keep yourself resilient in dealing with high conflict people


Expected Outcomes

  • How to run a workplace mediation from the time of referral from the employer to the final agreement

  • The relevant documentation to use to ensure confidentiality and to record the agreement of the parties

  • The relevant information to give to the referrer and the parties as to the process of mediation

  • How to appropriately question the parties in the intake session

  • How to assess suitability for mediation

  • How to manage parties with heightened emotion

  • How to harness your own skills and strengths in your role as mediator


This workshop is $1,300 AUD + GST with an Early Bird rate of $1,200 AUD + GST. There is a discount available for members of the Resolution Institute. Each hour of training counts for one hour of CPD.

2-3 June 2022 workshop, the early bird rate is available until 6th May. After that, the standard rate applies.

Any queries, contact or call Elizabeth Rosa on 0425 305057

Cancellation Policy: Cancellations may be made no later than 14 days before the workshop for a full refund.