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“A fantastic course and the guest speakers added great value. It was so good to have a mix of mediation professionals from different specialty areas to learn different perspectives and insights into situations/practices etc. So glad I attended!”

Nicole Yeates, Nationally Accredited Mediator, Greenlight Human Capital


“Elizabeth was an excellent presenter as she was very knowledgeable and experienced, very calm and poised, able to draw upon her own experience and that of others.”


“Well planned, well organised, good break time, really enjoyed and appreciated the roleplay and feedback from Elizabeth. Role plays realistic and got us all thinking!”

Lara Bishkov, Nationally Accredited Mediator

"Engaging presenters. Practical tools. Opportunity to have input. Opportunity for discussion about real mediations." Elizabeth was an excellent facilitator as she had “Great knowledge. Accommodating of different perspectives. Kept group focussed and invited participation."

Annie Panow, Mediator, Psychologist and Senior Clinician, Access EAP

"Good content, interesting range and quality of speakers and activities." Elizabeth was "Well organised, engaged well with the group and promoted interesting discussions."

Tom Parbery, Mediator, Fair Work Ombudsman

"Excellent tools, psychology, pre mediation questions and including two other presenters."

"Elizabeth was calm, listening, allowed conversations to open up, sharing."

Jennifer Scott, Nationally Accredited Mediator, Scott ADR


“Elizabeth was an excellent presenter as she was experienced, generous in sharing and inclusive and

appreciative of all attendees and their sharing.”

Phyllis Peterson, Nationally Accredited Mediator and FDRP, Your Mediation Australia

"Great insight and opportunity to meet other practitioners".

Peter Mathie, Nationally Accredited Mediator, Perth Mediation Centre


"Thank you for putting this wonderful workshop together. I have learnt a lot and met some wonderful colleagues."

Alison Condon, Nationally Accredited Mediator

 "Fabulous! One of the best workshops I've attended. Thank you."   

Antonia Grasso, RegisteredFamily Dispute Resolution, Practitioner, Albany Mediation

 "The workshop was fantastic. I learnt so much about the process of how to run a workplace mediation and tools for managing              difficult behaviour."

 Vanessa Pepe Nationally Accredited Mediator